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Promotional Video—Destination Blues

This short film was a bit of fun filming and editing whilst out on a social in is a short film which explores the challenges of a cross-cultural relationship.

Promotional Video—World Penny Farthing Championships

This video utilises the charm of these elegant bikes.

Mock Commercial—RIU Resort

I was challenged by a friend and established film director to make a 60 second commercial while on holidays. This is the result.

Promotional video—Sandgate Film Gala

Promotional video with animation and clips from films to promote the inaugrul Sandgate Film Gala Film Festival.

Fantasy Photography

A fantasy photo shoot with cosplay artist, The Artful Dodger.

Studio Photography 1

A glamour shoot with the beautiful Alex.

Studio Photography 2

A glamour shoot with the lovely Kerri.

Landscape Photography

A selection of landscape photos

Promotional Video

A promotional video for Act 1 Theatre's play The Importance of Being Earnest.

Graphic Design

Selected graphic design projects