My Story

I am a creative director in Multimedia with several years experience in web design and development, user experience (UX), customer insight, and graphic design. With experience in user experience, design and filmmaking, I wish to focus on my passion—to create engaging, and impacting videos that connect authentically with the audience.

I enjoy creating experiences for people. All of the projects, relating to the digital world, that have given me the most satisfaction have involved a level of human engagement, from interactive and immersive multimedia experiences, to a customer-centred architecture of the Queensland Government online presence, to storytelling through videos.

My focus for the past few years has been to develop and hone my filming skills. With a broad range of experiences in movie making—from writing, directing, camera, to editing, I have created promotional videos and short movies.

The technology used in movie making become the tools of the artist. I draw on my previous passion for creating emotive, experiential pieces through storytelling to create my new works that engage and interact with the audience.